State of Installation

As a developer, over time the gradual corruption of your computer through installing, compiling, crashing, and bending your OS into shapes it was never intended for, leads to only one solution.  A fresh install, and while we’re at it, a new PC.

Time to dig up all the software installs, which some how after 2 years, are still where I left them.

Vista install kicked off, and head to dinner.  Back from dinner and Vista is installed, ready to rock.  I install live mesh and synchronise my tools folder.  Less than a minute later I have my swiss army knife of software downloaded, installed, and configured out of the box.  Now for software that requires an actual full installation.

Office, check.  Takes only a few minutes.  Last but not least, I’m lead to reinstalling the Adobe software I need.

10 minutes pass.  15 minutes.  20 minutes pass.  At this point I start writing this rant, and now I’m waiting for the installation to complete before continuing.  45 minutes pass, on a new PC, and the installation is completing.  I could understand if this was an installation of the full CS3 suite.  But Photoshop CS3 only, as a minimal install, I am confounded.  This is not the first time I have had this experience, but in the past I thought it was because the PC I was installing on was past its prime.

I don’t have a problem with software taking forever to install if I get a list as long as my arm in features, but when an application evolves to be a polished version of the same software I used over 10 years ago, and it takes longer to install than the operating system, there is something seriously wrong.  It is time for the CS3 install team to wake up to themselves.Snail

Update: CS2 required installing on an older machine at work.  It was significantly faster.  I thought maybe I had not noticed it in a previous release, but once again, it’s just CS3.